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Before extracting a tooth, Olga Dontsova, DDS, and Victor Khlevnoy, DDS, always exhaust every available option. However, in some cases, a tooth can’t be saved and extraction is for the best. At PDX Smile Design in Portland, Oregon, extractions are handled with care and the team always presents you with a variety of cosmetic options to fill gaps in your smile. If you’re worried about potential tooth extraction, call the office or set up a consultation online today to find out more.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

Why do I need an extraction?

Extracting a tooth is typically not the ideal oral health option. First, Dr. Dontsova or Dr. Khlevnoy will explore other options to save your natural tooth, including restorations such as crowns, fillings, or other dental treatments. However, if the damage or decay that has occurred is too severe, an extraction may be necessary.

In the event that there’s too much damage to repair or restore your natural tooth, extractions at PDX Smile Design are done with care and measures are adopted to minimize discomfort.

How does an extraction work?

There are two types of extraction methods used to safely remove teeth: simple and surgical extractions.

Simple extractions are non-surgical and fairly straightforward. During this type of procedure, either Dr. Dontsova or Dr. Khlevnoy apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. They then loosen your tooth with a special dental instrument called an elevator. Lastly, they use forceps to carefully remove the tooth.

Surgical extractions, on the other hand, are a bit more complex. You may need a surgical extraction if your tooth has broken off at the gum line. This type of extraction is used to remove wisdom teeth, third molars that come in during your young adult years after your permanent teeth have already arrived, which can lead to overcrowding and other complications that require surgical extraction.

During a surgical extraction, either Dr. Khlevnoy or Dr. Dontsova place you under general anesthesia. Then they make a small incision in your gum line to access the broken tooth or impacted wisdom tooth. In some cases, they may have to remove the tooth in sections. The recovery period generally lasts a week and you’ll need to stick to a diet of soft foods.

Will I be able to fill gaps in my smile?

If an extraction procedure leaves you with a gap in your smile, the team at PDX Smile Design will help walk you through your cosmetic options. These include:

  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Implants

Each cosmetic option has different benefits, but all of them help restore your smile and prevent the oral health risks of empty spaces between your teeth.

Are extractions safe?

Yes, when they’re performed by the trained professionals at PDX Smile Design, tooth extractions are perfectly safe. Prior to any extraction, Dr. Dontsova or Dr. Khlevnoy walk you through each step of the procedure. You can ask any questions or raise concerns about any aspect of the extraction.

If you have more questions or have concerns about an upcoming extraction, call PDX Smile Design or use the online scheduling tool and book a consultation today.