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Are you interested in obtaining a healthier looking, more attractive smile? Olga Dontsova, DDS, and Victor Khlevnoy, DDS, provide a host of cosmetic dentistry services at PDX Smile Design in Portland, Oregon. There, the team can routinely address cosmetic concerns such as chips, cracks, or gaps with personalized treatment plans that work for you. Call the office or set up a consultation online today to find out more.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of oral health care that focuses on addressing cosmetic flaws affecting your smile. Some of these include:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Gaps
  • Discoloration or stains
  • Crooked teeth

With modern advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry, it’s never been easier or simpler to restore or enhance your smile. At PDX Smile Design, Dr. Khlevnoy and Dr. Dontsova specialize in this popular branch of dentistry.

What cosmetic dentistry services are available?

At PDX Smile Design, the team offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to restore or enhance your smile, including:


These are titanium posts that are surgically inserted into your jawbone for the purpose of replacing missing teeth. They act as artificial tooth roots that support prosthetics, including crowns or bridges.


These thin porcelain layerings are bonded onto teeth for cosmetic reasons. A viable alternative to more invasive procedures, veneers are tooth-colored and can mask chips, cracks, discoloration, and even gaps.


These are protective caps that match the appearance and function of natural teeth. They’re used to improve damaged teeth or altogether replace a missing tooth. Crowns can be attached to dental implants.


These restorations “bridge” gaps in your smile. They’re sets of prosthetic teeth that are either bonded onto surrounding teeth or securely attached to crowns.


Orthodontic treatment is used to straighten your teeth, making them healthier looking and easier to keep in good health. You have several different options, including variations on traditional metal braces and Invisalign.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

First and foremost, with a personalized cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, you’ll reap the aesthetic benefits. Your smile will look incredible and you’ll gain the valuable boost in self-confidence that comes with that. Whether it’s a big job interview or a first date, you’ll be ready to look and feel your best.

However, the benefits extend beyond your appearance. Typically, cosmetic dentistry also improves your oral health, limiting your risk of problems, such as jaw bone loss, gum disease, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

If there’s something about your smile that’s bothering you, call the office or book a consultation online today and find out more about cosmetic dentistry at PDX Smile Design.