Our Amazing Team We boast two dentists, a husband and wife team, each with more than 25 years of experience in dental practice! Both our dentists are very experienced in the general services they offer: Dr. Dontsova typically focuses on younger patients and orthodontics, while Dr. Victor caters more to adult restorative dentistry & denture services. In addition, both firmly believe in their practice slogan, “Creating Beautiful Smiles for Everyone!”

Dr. Olga Dontsova

Dr. Olga Dontsova | D.D.S.

Dr. Dontsova has been practicing dentistry since 1990 and has completed advanced degrees and training in Ukraine and Germany as well as the United States.

Dr. Victor Khlevnoy

Dr. Victor Khlevnoy | D.D.S.

Dr. Khlevnoy, or “Dr. Victor” as his patients call him, has also been practicing dentistry since 1990.

Tatiana Zhivotovsky

Tatiana Zhivotovsky | Financial Adviser

Tatiana has been working with Dr. Khlevnoy and Dr. Dontsova since 2014. She graduated from Sochi State University as well as the University of Israel where she studied Marketing Technology. Her previous dental experience includes billing and patient coordination for a clinic in Israel. Her favorite part of her job is seeing patients walk out…

Ekaterina Fefelova MSc

Ekaterina Fefelova MSc | MSc

Ekaterina joined Powell Family Dental care a year ago. She is a specialist in Orthodontics and had been practicing Dentistry for 15 years. She has Masters in Orthodontics from Ekaterinburg, and her knowledge and experience is very valuable. Ekaterina loves to ski and she is a professional figure skater. She has a teenage daughter, loves…

Viktoriya Kalinin, EFDA/Orthodontic Assistant Manager

Viktoriya Kalinin, EFDA/Orthodontic Assistant Manager | EFDA

“It is extremely rewarding to be part of a patient’s smile transformation. There is a unique happiness expressed when they get their braces removed and we see a new smile that is healthy and beaming with confidence!” During orthodontic visits, Viktoriya prepares the treatment area and sets up instruments and equipment. She strives to make…

Marina Weinstein, RDH

Marina Weinstein, RDH | Dental Hygenist

Marina grew up in Ukraine, and moved to beautiful Oregon in 2001. In Ukraine, she graduated from the Dental School, which allows for a smooth transition to being a dental hygienist in the United States. She also loves her career because it gives her the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds. Marina, enjoys bringing…

Alina Kyryletska

Alina Kyryletska | Dental Assistant

Alina is the youngest on our team, but she is very knowledgeable. She has lots of experience working with young children. Alina loves to cook and hike.

Marina Solovyeva, EFDA

Marina Solovyeva, EFDA | Dental Assistant

Marina Solovyeva has been working in our clinic for 10 years. Since she’s been a part of our practice for so long, we’ve long since learned she is truly a kind, sweet person with a huge heart. She’s always ready to help the doctors and assist our patients in any way. As a hands-on, chair…

Natalya Prodan, EFDA

Natalya Prodan, EFDA | Dental Assistant

Natalya joined our practice 7 years ago, then – as life happens – she took time off to have a little girl. Now, she’s back to work providing excellent customer service to our patients. She loves helping to transform our patient’s smiles. Natalya also enjoys working with kids and educating them about the importance of…