iTero 3D Scanning

Revolutionary Accuracy with iTero 3D Scanning

 iTero 3D Scanning stationAs oral health experts, we know that getting dental impressions isn’t exactly fun. Aside from the tickle in the back of your throat, there’s also the chance that the impression doesn’t come out right, or the material “warps” by the time your model is finally designed. Fortunately, we can eliminate all of these issues with state-of-the-art iTero 3D scanning technology.

When you need a crown made, denture created, new dental implant placed, or are getting Invisalign braces, we simply take a virtual “picture” scan of your tooth. We create a precise, no-fuss 3D computerized model of your teeth. You’ll never need a dental impression made again!

Why a Virtual Dental Impression?

Your digital “impression” is easy. In just a few steps, the tooth is slowly scanned with a handheld camera-like device. Images are taken of each side of the tooth. If an area needs to be recaptured, we can do so instead of you having to re-make an entire goopy impression all over again.

With iTero, your 3D “impression” is made by taking a virtual scan of your teeth. The extremely high accuracy is even better than what you can expect from a conventional dental impression. This matters because with a 3D replica of your mouth, we can:

  • Precisely design your orthodontic aligners months in advance
  • Create a computerized mock-up of what your smile will look like during and after treatment
  • Prevent discomfort in patients with a sensitive gag reflex
  • Transfer electronic data to off-site labs, saving you valuable time

  • How Does iTero Scanning Work?

    The iTero system is an extremely accurate technology that scans the surfaces of your teeth. It inputs the gathered data directly into our treatment software, creating a virtual model of your tooth or teeth on our computer screen.

    We can transfer this “virtual model” directly to our dental lab or Invisalign, so that your new braces or restoration can be created. As the model is computerized, it eliminates human error and the possibility of materials being altered during transfer, so that you can benefit from the most accurate fit possible. iTero scanning is also useful for creating mouth guards and night guards.

    A More Accurate Fit

    Human error or chemical changes in dental materials are the most common reasons for lab-made restorations not fitting correctly. This means yet another impression and an additional dental appointment… more time spent without your permanent restoration!

    iTero scanning takes these variables out of the equation, so that our Portland Russian dentists can give you the very best fit, every time. Rarely are alterations or adjustments necessary, because iTero takes into account the anatomical structure of all the teeth in the area.

    Advanced Dental Technology in Portland

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    Looking to straighten your smile? We also offer removable, alignment tray designs that eliminate the typical bracket and wire systems.