General and Restorative Dentistry

Portrait Of Hispanic Mother And Daughter In Park

Powell Family Dental Care provides care for your entire family! Whether you need emergency care, or a checkup for your child, we can help. Call our office today to schedule your appointment. We often have appointments available on the same or next day.

Children’s Dentistry

Little bodies and minds grow at an exceptional pace, so kids need doctors who understand their physical and emotional needs. As a mom and a dentist, Dr. Dontsova is familiar with the special care children need for their smiles.

Children as young as four years old need to have regular cleanings and check-ups. Here’s why:

  • – Kids haven’t learned to be thorough when they brush.
  • – Decay can even happen on “baby teeth.”
  • – Cavities need to be filled to protect your child’s oral and overall health. Our office uses white fillings to blend in with their natural tooth color.

Dr. Dontsova will check to make sure those first teeth and gums are healthy. Make your little one’s dental appointment today and keep them healthy.

In addition, Philips Sonicare has created an app, as well as the below video on how to brush with their new Sonicare toothbrush made especially for kids!

Sporty Smiles!

Kids, young adults, and even some “old” adults enjoy playing sports, but teeth can be chipped or knocked out when you play. Powell Family Dental Care offers athletic guards to shield your smile from harm during sports.

Painful Tooth?

You might need a root canal. Pain or swelling in your jaw or gum points to an infected or abscessed tooth. In order to save the tooth without risking your overall health, you need to have the nerve canal cleaned out.

If you’re worried about pain, there’s no need to be: Dr. Victor will provide treatment to heal the infection and keep you from experiencing discomfort during the procedure. His root canal technique is second to none, even on hard to reach teeth. Don’t wait to treat tooth pain, it will only get worse and can affect your entire body.

Restoring Your Smile

Once a tooth has been damaged, it is important to get it repaired or replaced quickly. If you are hesitant because you don’t like the look of metal in your mouth, you can relax: At Powell Family Dental Care, we only use metal free crowns and bridges. These dental prosthetics are of the highest quality, made from Bruxzir and Zirconia by our partners at Glidewell Labs.

Aging Teeth

As our bodies age, so do our smiles.

  • – Missing and worn down teeth make it hard to eat and get proper nutrition.
  • – Speech gets slurred and less clear.
  • – Facial muscles in your cheeks and jaws get loose and sag without teeth to define them.

Since your dental health affects your entire body, you’ll want to talk to Dr. Victor about dentures, partials, or even dental implants to fill in the gaps. Your smile will look younger and you’ll be able to speak and eat with greater ease.

Flexible Partials

Smiling older couple with healhy smiles from good general oral health. If you’re missing teeth in the back, you may need a “partial” instead of a full dental arch. At our Portland office, we offer partials made with Valplast. These top of the line dental prosthetics flex and form to your mouth making it easier for your cheek and jaw muscles to hold them in place.

How long has it been since your last checkup? Delaying your care could make it harder for your body to fight off other types of infections as well. Call our dentists today!

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