Our Dental Services

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With our extensive training and experience, Powell Family Dental Care is pleased to offer a wide variety of services. Our treatment areas are an “open bay” design, however, we also have private consultation areas to discuss your concerns and pricing.

What We Offer

Some of the services available with our Russian dentists include:

Family Dentistry: Book your regular dental check-ups and cleanings for children and adults – all at the same time.

Restorative Care: Fillings, Root Canals, Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures. If your teeth need to be fixed, we can help you right away.

Preventive and Periodontal Treatments: Your health starts in your mouth! Periodontal exams check for gum disease, while root planning and scaling stop gum disease before it causes more damage.

Cosmetic Services: Veneers are custom made overlays for your teeth that cover minor imperfections. We also offer whitening trays to brighten your smile.

Orthodontics and Invisalign: Traditional Braces and Invisalign trays can correct you or your child’s alignment and bite problems. It’s all done right here in our office.

Implant Dentistry: Replace your missing teeth with a permanent option! Ask our dentists if implants are right for you.

Hi-Tech Tooth Care

Parents Giving Children Piggyback Ride Outdoors all with healthy smiles from good oral careAt our Portland office, we like to stay on the cutting edge of dental technology. After all, it makes your care more efficient and comfortable than ever.

We offer the following advancements to assist in your oral health services:

  • Digital X-Rays are a quicker, more reliable way to view the inside of your teeth. They are available without a wait time and expose you to less radiation than regular x-rays.
  • The iTero Intra-Oral Scanner provides 3-D oral scanning for veneers, orthodontics, and implants. Your dental appointments and wait time for custom fits will be quick and easy!
  • Diagnodent digital cavity detection, to screen for demineralized enamel before it can be seen on an x-ray.

Financing Options

At Powell Family Dental Care, your oral health is a priority; don’t let financial worries stop you from seeing the doctor. We allow short term financing through our office and also work with CareCredit, a 3rd party lender.

Call our Portland office today to schedule your appointment. You’ll find our practice next to the Imperial Euro Market, Madame De Fleurs, and the Ukrainian Federal Credit Union, nestled in the Russian Portland community.

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