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Lumineers At Powell Family Dental

Lumineers At Powell Family Dental

Have you ever seen the most beautiful smile, and thought, WOW!! So, here, I have an answer for you!


If you are worried about grinding your teeth but would love to have a new smile, Lumineers are for you!

This is the least invasive procedure, which involves least prepping and grinding of natural teeth! If you are interested, you need to call my office and we will be able to show your ideal white smile!

Do you have a wedding coming up, your visit is not going to take too much time! In a short first visit, we are going to be able to create your new smile and show it to you! Call 503-788-0405

My team of professionals will be able to answer your questions! 503-788-0405

A natural smile, least time in a dental chair! The smile of your dream!

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