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Invisalign® Is The Future Of Orthodontics

Invisalign® Is The Future Of Orthodontics

Is Invisalign the future of orthodontics?

As you all know, our office “Powell Family Dental Care” is providing a variety of services and are considered Invisalign Specialist in Portland.

Orthodontics is the big part of our life and the most common question we are getting is “Why Invisalign?
Yes, really “Why?”
I got to tell you, I just returned from the Invisalign Summit. And Invisalign is BIG, it is coming to every self-respected dentist.
If you go to the Dentist who tells you, that brackets are better, RUN FROM that place.
That place is very behind on everything, on innovating in the first place.
We live in the 21st century, we are the 21st century. Here is what we have to realize:
Our children get to play with iPad and iPhones, the information is there, at our fingers.
A curious patient can open the computer and google anything. A patient will understand, what is better, but if the dentist is not curious, TOO BAD.

  • How can you call the technology, which makes your smile attractive bad?
  • How can you call the technology, which at the same time will not hurt, call it bad?
  • How can you call the technology, which allows you to clean and brush-bad?
  • How can you call the technology, which allows you to control the speed of making your smile beautiful -bad?

The only downside is the cost, and the cost for the dentist, because the lab fee for me is huge, compare TO the cost of brackets.
Yes, I love brackets, yes, I can do a lot with brackets, so can an old school dentist, try to work with Invisalign, you need to take a LOT of lectures to understand how it works, you need to invest in the iTero, digital scanner, and you need to know the computer.
Old school dentist do not know that!
That is why I am so excited to work with INVISALIGN, I CAN DO IT!
And my Mission to make your smile beautiful is very achievable.
Thank you, my dear patients, who trust in me.

Olga Dontsova D.D.S., M. Sc.

Powell Family Dental PC

11050 SE Powell Blvd., Suite #378

Portland, OR 97266


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