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Your overall health begins with a healthy smile!

At Powell Family Dental Care, we know that compromised dental wellness can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, preterm labor, miscarriage, diabetes and more.

Investing in and maintaining your smile can have a significant impact on your life. Most significantly, it can reduce the likelihood and expense of future dental and health problems. If you need dental care, don’t put it off – it could cost you.

To make restorative and routine dental treatments more attainable, we work with most major insurance providers, including:

  • Oregon Dental Service (MODA Health)
  • Delta Dental
  • United
  • WA Dental Service

If you have questions about your benefits coverage or projected out of pocket expenses, call our office and one of our staff members will be happy to help you.

Financing Options

Often, insurance doesn’t cover the complete cost of dental treatments, it simply serves to defray the expense. If you needed or elective care exceeds your benefits, or you don’t have dental insurance, we can help. Not only do we offer a low-fee, in-house payment plan, we also work with CareCredit, a low to the no-cost monthly financing company.

With CareCredit, you can enjoy instant approval and access to funds, so your treatment can begin right away. They also offer rates as low as 0% and flexible terms to fit any budget, including yours!

Don’t Put Off Your Smile

Dental problems seldom resolve on their own. More often, they worsen with time, requiring more extensive and costly treatment. A small cavity that requires a simple filling can grow into an abscessed tooth, needing a root canal and dental crown to treat. Dr. Victor and Dr. Dontsova are happy to work with you to find a payment plan that’s tailored to meet your dental and financial needs.