About Dr Olga Dontsova is always looking for new opportunities and innovations that can help people get the smile of their dreams. Here you can read about the latest technologies and get advice from a specialist. If you have a question about services that is not listed here please call (503) 788-0405

Nestled in the heart of the Russian community in Portland, Powell Family Dental Care has been operating since 1996. Our patients and staff are our family, and care deeply about the patients they serve, frequently taking on the important role of dental educators. Our office staff is warm and friendly and can help solve any scheduling or billing predicaments.

It’s All In The Family

We boast two dentists, a husband and wife team, each with more than 25 years of experience in dental practice! Both our dentists are very experienced in the general services they offer: Dr. Dontsova typically focuses on younger patients and orthodontics, while Dr. Victor caters more to adult restorative dentistry & denture services. In addition, both firmly believe in their practice slogan, “Creating Beautiful Smiles for Everyone!”

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